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The Journey Continues. .

Gustasp and Jeroo Irani

Text & Photographs by Gustasp and Jeroo Irani: Our by-line is one of the most recognized in the travel world in India. We have contributed to over 100 publications and visited over 50 countries… there's nothing to beat having fun while you work!

Our other work includes:-Two guide books - Luxury Unlimited and Adventure Unlimited - for South African Tourism in India, Contributed content on Mumbai hotels for the UK based Insight Guides' 350 Best Hotels and Resorts in Asia

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Going wild in Seychelles

Tweet! Tweet! The song of the wilds in Seychelles is a soothing melody
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Love is a Many Slithery Thing. 

We fell in love with a green beauty on a nature walk at The Serai, Kabini
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Oil’s Well in Puglia

Move over wines... Olive oil tasting is the trendy way to go.
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'The Green Beyond the Gold'

We shook hands with Dracula, met a ghost in a vineyard and struck green gold on Australia’s Gold Coast where the fun never sets. Took off in a hot air balloon, hauled crabs out of the Tweed river, did a canopy walk in a lush rainforest Pandora… There’s more to the Gold Coast than theme parks, surf, sand and sea.

How we lost the Battle of the Bulge

The Parsi wedding season added inches to our waistline

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Lucy took us on a Wild Truffle Chase

We got down and dirty, hunting for ugly lumps of edible 'gold'

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A Punjabi Rock Around the Clock

We underestimated the Punjabi's ability to party.... and overestimated our ability to keep pace

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And they threw us behind bars in Bollywood...

“Kyu Kyu (Why? Why?).”...

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Jeroo's seat did not recline… Lucky lady!

Most times we fly cattle class. But sometimes the Gods smile and we are treated to a business class experience.

And then someting goes wrong… And we get even luckier... 

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Been There, Done That…

Switzerland... Off the Bollywood trail... The call of the Alphorn in a green valley... Scaled mountains in open air cable cars, funiculars, cog wheel trains....

UK... Haunted Bath and Chester... Lived it up with the Beatles in Liverpool... Visited Man U the Mecca of English football... The best fish-n-chips in a haunted gay pub in Manchester... Rugby match in Bath...

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