On the Road – Again and Again

The dust of over three decades of globetrotting has settled into the pores of our skin and yet it's never enough. We are travel writers/photographers, more accurately, travel junkies who pursue their passion like obsessive lovers, always on the lookout for the next fix, the next trip...

We are mere voyeurs on the world stage, tuning in to the earth's wild heart beat in its dense forests and in the secret folds of its mountains... We feel the pulse of its frenetic cities and sleepy villages and listen to nature's quiet intake of breath in a lush paddy field or in a glistening green vineyard...

Yes, we have travelled extensively across India, the globe and to the fringes of the world, taking the rough with the smooth; sampling different cultures and cuisines. We have eyeballed lions in South Africa, slurped snake soup in Hong Kong, danced with the Masais in Kenya, stayed with a local family in a Malay village, landed on the ice fields of Alaska and interacted with a witch doctor in South India… but eventually we return to the city we call home: Mumbai; loud, energetic, chaotic...

Briefly, we embrace her, tire of her and are soon on the road again ... to trawl the world and our own backyard (i.e. India) for exotic and unusual destinations and even tried and tested tourist trails.

For us, life is a never-ending voyage into the known, unknown and the unsung.

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